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The most common questions we receive from patients are located below — including how to obtain a CT Medical Marijuana Card, renewal information and more.

How much are renewal visits at EZMEDCARD?2024-01-09T11:38:40+00:00

CT Medical Marijuana Renewal Certifications appointments are $100 each.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in CT2024-01-09T11:45:11+00:00

Governor Daniel Molloy approved a Senate measure to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in Connecticut in June 2012. In addition to 28 other States and Washington, DC, medical marijuana is now widely used in Connecticut.

According to the legislation, a patient who is approved to use medicinal marijuana cannot be prosecuted, punished in any way, or denied any rights or privileges if they want to use cannabis for health reasons.

Although it is allowed to consume medicinal marijuana, there are certain restrictions. Patients in Connecticut are only permitted a maximum of 2.5 ounces each month, unless a doctor orders otherwise. Patients must have a medical marijuana card in order to make purchases from a dispensary.

Many patients who are suffering from chronic, persistent, or crippling symptoms of numerous medical diseases find relief from medicinal cannabis, which enables them to live healthier lives. Connecticut became the 17th state to permit its citizens to use medicinal marijuana. Despite having a functioning program for medical marijuana patients and restrictions against its usage for recreational purposes, many locals are unsure of how to become patients.

What happens at Renewal Time?2024-01-15T12:37:42+00:00

You should contact EZMEDCARD and make an appointment during the month your card expires. You can book your renewal appointment up to 60 days before your card expires.

You may need to send or bring us your updated medical records (last 6-12 months) prior to the appointment.

Our providers review your updated medical records to make sure your medical condition hasn’t changed and that you are still being treated by an outside physician. You are required by law to maintain an outside physician because our physicians don’t treat or diagnose your medical condition – they are responsible for signing the recommendation paperwork for the state.

At the medical marijuana license renewal appointment, our physician will certify you in the state system and you will be prompted to upload your proof of residency and proof of identification.

How long is a license good for?2024-01-09T11:44:16+00:00

Your initial registration is good for (1) year, at which time you will need to schedule a renewal appointment with EZMEDCARD.

How long will it take to get my Medical Marijuana Card?2024-01-09T11:43:55+00:00

Once you have submitted your application and signed practitioner paperwork to the CT Department of Consumer Protections, it will go through a review process which can take anywhere between 1-7 days. If you have been accepted into the Connecticut MMJ Program, you receive your card via email.

How do I obtain Medical Marijuana in Connecticut?2024-01-09T11:43:25+00:00

Once certified, you must select a Registered Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facility within the state to acquire your medical marijuana. You can now change your dispensary electronically on biznet. Please see more instructions here:

What is a CT medical marijuana patients monthly allotment?2024-01-09T11:42:46+00:00

Five ounces.

Is there any way to get my application expedited?2024-01-09T11:42:20+00:00

Our providers will certify you once your records have been reviewed and your initial certification appointment has been conducted. Please allow up to 2 weeks following completion of your registration process with the State of CT Department of Consumer Protections to receive your card via email.

What if I do not have medical records because I do not see medical providers?2024-01-09T11:41:53+00:00

Make an appointment with a provider – whether it is a primary care physician or a specialist to determine if you qualify. Once you have been qualified by a provider, book online or contact us to make an appointment.

Is my medical provider REQUIRED to release my records?2024-01-09T11:40:42+00:00

Yes. In 2004, a Federal Law was passed that requires all physicians or health care providers to provide patients with a copy of medical records within 30 days after a patient makes a formal request. If you are having trouble obtaining your records, please contact our office and we will assist you through the process.

What if I don’t have the correct medical records for my initial visit?2024-01-09T11:39:57+00:00

Not a problem. Prior to the visit, our providers will let you know if we need more records, and what records we need. We will provide you with a Medical Release Form to sign and we will send it to the appropriate providers.

What happens during my initial appointment with a doctor/ APRN at EZMEDCARD?2024-01-09T11:39:06+00:00

One of the EZMEDCARD physicians / APRNs will conduct a brief exam and sign the practitioner paperwork you need to get your Connecticut medical marijuana license. We will cover important information to help you understand how Connecticut’s medical marijuana program works and how to find the right kind of cannabis to best meet your needs. We will also assist you in putting together your application for the Department of Consumer Protections and explain the full process of obtaining your medical marijuana license.

Is there a minimum age requirement to get a Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card (CT MMJ) at EZMEDCARD?2024-01-09T11:29:38+00:00

Yes, 18 years of age. However, we can assist minors if you provide us with a minimum of 1-year of medical records and a letter of recommendation from the minor’s pediatrician that Connecticut MMJ is an appropriate treatment. Mandated by law, minors are also required to designate a parent or guardian as a caregiver.

How much does the initial appointment at EZMEDCARD cost?2024-01-09T11:37:58+00:00

The cost of your initial appointment with one of our doctors / APRNs is $150.

Will insurance cover the cost of my appointment?2024-01-09T11:37:36+00:00

Health insurance providers are not currently covering our CT(MMP) medical marijuana consulting services because it is still not federally recognized.

What forms of payment does EZMEDCARD accept?2024-01-09T11:37:10+00:00

We accept cash and debit/credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

If I have questions about using the Medical Release Forms, who can I contact?2024-01-09T11:36:40+00:00

If you have any questions about using our Medical Release Forms or need assistance in filling out your forms, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (617) 405-8876 or via email at We are here to help and look forward to hearing from you!

Does EZMEDCARD have their own Medical Release Forms?2024-01-09T11:35:21+00:00

Yes. Please refer to our Resources page. Our Medical Release forms are specific to the state of Connecticut and will help expedite the process of obtaining your records. We also provide detailed instructions for completing the forms.

How do I get my medical records?2024-01-09T11:34:27+00:00

We can provide you with Medical Release Form(s) to obtain medical records from your doctor(s) or you can pick up your records from your doctor(s) and mail them to us. The form(s) you need can be found on our Resources page.

You do not need to explain why you need your records if you choose to keep this confidential. If you are having trouble obtaining your records, please contact the office and we will assist you. The patient can fill out the release form and scan and e-mail back to us to

Why does EZMEDCARD need my medical records?2024-01-09T11:33:10+00:00

The State of Connecticut requires that adequate medical records document your debilitating medical condition and are reviewed by our doctors. This process assures that your medical marijuana certification will protect you from any challenge within Connecticut’s legal system.

Do I need a referral to have an appointment at EZMEDCARD?2024-01-09T11:32:39+00:00

No, you do not need a referral. However, we will require you to present medical documentation from your physician / APRN attesting that you have a qualifying condition.

What are the qualifying conditions for Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) in Connecticut?2024-01-15T12:09:34+00:00

Qualifying conditions to get a medical marijuana card vary by state, but common ones include, but aren’t limited to chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD. Please visit our qualifying conditions page here to see all of the conditions
An experienced and licensed doctor from EZMEDCARD can help you identify these conditions through a consultation.

What documents will I need to present in order to get my Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card?2024-01-09T11:30:07+00:00

In order to apply for your CT MMJ card, you will need an authenticated copy of a valid photo ID (i.e. driver’s license or state-issued identification) and medical records that include information regarding the diagnosis of one of the eligible medical conditions/disorders.

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