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Welcome to EZMedcard, your reliable partner for medical marijuana needs in Brooklyn, New York. Whether you’re new to medical marijuana or renewing your card, our experienced doctors are here to help every step of the way. We make the process easy – from checking your health to helping with the application to New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), we ensure a stress-free experience.

With more than 15 years in healthcare, we focus on making it safe and easy for you to access medical marijuana. We simplify getting and renewing medical marijuana cards, offering a low-cost service you can use from home.

Join us at EZMedcard, where we work together for a healthier, more comfortable future.

New York Medical Marijuana Card Effortlessly And Safely​

Why Choose EZMedcard? Your Trusted Partner for Medical Marijuana in Brooklyn, NY

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Easy, Secure Access

Experience the ease of modern technology with our 100% online services. No need to leave your home – schedule and attend appointments at your leisure on our user-friendly platform. Whether you fancy face-to-face or telemedicine consultations, we cater to your preference.

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Experienced Medical Experts

Our New York-licensed medical professionals are well-versed in the medical marijuana landscape. Rely on their profound knowledge and expertise to guide you every step of the way. Rest assured, you’re in competent, caring hands, committed to your well-being.

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Utmost Privacy

We respect your privacy. EZMedcard strictly follows Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules, securing the privacy and confidentiality of your personal and medical data. Trust us to handle your information securely and solely for obtaining or renewing your medical marijuana card.

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Compassionate, Tailored Care

We deeply care about your health and comfort. With our patient-focused approach, expect compassionate, personalized care that suits your unique needs. We take time to understand you, offering education, counseling, and responsible medical marijuana use guidance. Your comfort and satisfaction come first with us.

Medical Marijuana Card in Brooklyn丨Our Services

EZMedcard is committed to unlocking the potential of medical marijuana to boost your overall well-being. Explore our array of comprehensive services tailored to your needs:

Comprehensive Medical Marijuana Evaluations

Our well-versed medical marijuana doctors guide you through thorough evaluations to determine your eligibility for a medical marijuana card. We assess your condition against New York’s qualifying conditions, ensuring you gain access to the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana if you meet the criteria.

Smooth Application Assistance

Applying for a medical marijuana card in Brooklyn, NY, can feel overwhelming, but not with EZMedcard. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide step-by-step assistance, ensuring your application is complete, accurate, and promptly submitted to the New York Department of Public Health. We handle the complexities, allowing you to concentrate on your well-being.

Hassle-Free Card Renewals

Maintaining uninterrupted access to your medication is crucial. At EZMedcard, we streamline the renewal process for your medical marijuana card, ensuring no disruptions in your treatment. We oversee the process, allowing you to focus on your health and wellness.

Personalized Education and Counseling

Everyone’s journey with medical marijuana is unique. At EZMedcard, our empathetic team offers individualized counseling and education, empowering you with the knowledge to use medical marijuana responsibly and effectively. We provide guidance tailored to your condition and lifestyle.

Unlocking the Benefits of Medical Marijuana: Our 4-Step Process

At EZMedcard, we’ve streamlined our process into four simple steps, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our valued patients. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Schedule an Online Appointment

Begin your journey towards medical marijuana benefits by scheduling an appointment online with one of our experienced doctors. With just a few clicks, you can arrange a consultation at a time that suits your schedule.

Step 2: Prepare Necessary Documents

Have your required documents at hand to streamline the process. These might include a valid NY Driver’s License, NY State ID, U.S. Passport, or U.S. Military ID. Having these documents ready will make your appointment more efficient.

Step 3: Consult with Our Providers

Meet with one of our knowledgeable medical providers specializing in medical marijuana. In this consultation, our compassionate team will understand your needs, assess your eligibility, and guide you through the paperwork. Trust our experts to stay updated with the latest in medical marijuana treatments.

Step 4: Receive New York, MMJ Card

After your consultation, we submit the required paperwork to the state. Upon approval, you’ll receive your New York MMJ card, allowing legal access to medical marijuana. Remember, the card needs to be renewed with us every 12 months to maintain your access to medication.

Experience the EZMedcard difference in your medical marijuana journey. Our highly qualified medical marijuana doctors and dedicated staff are committed to supporting you at every step. Reach out to us today and embark on a path toward a healthier and more fulfilled life with medical marijuana.

EZMedcard: Serving Brooklyn, NY, and Beyond with Medical Marijuana Solutions

At EZMedcard, we extend our services beyond Brooklyn, proudly reaching out to communities all over New York, including Staten Island, Harlem, Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. No matter where you are, our dedicated team is ready to provide professional support for all your medical marijuana card needs. We’re here to serve you, regardless of your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Securing your New York Medical Marijuana certificate and card through EZMedcard is straightforward and cost-effective. Our initial consultation fee is $150, a competitive rate that includes expert guidance throughout the certification process. For continued access to your medication, we offer card renewals at a reduced rate of $100. 

New York is home to a robust medical marijuana program and an extensive network of qualified doctors across the state. These professionals can assist you with the application process and recommend suitable medical marijuana products for your specific condition. Contact EZMedcard, a certified medical marijuana practitioner in New York, to explore your options today.

In 2012, New York launched its Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MUP), becoming the 18th state in the US to legalize medical marijuana for patients with qualifying conditions. The program has evolved significantly, with dispensaries opening doors in 2016 and major updates in 2018. Now, it provides relief to patients with a wide range of debilitating conditions. To get your New York Medical Marijuana card, reach out to EZMedcard for guidance.

A medical marijuana card in New York provides safe and regulated access to medicinal cannabis products. It ensures the product’s quality and spares cardholders from certain taxes levied on non-cardholders. EZMedcard streamlines this process, making it quick and hassle-free from start to end.

A recommendation from a qualified medical marijuana doctor is essential when considering the use of medical marijuana. Our team at EZMedcard includes experienced doctors specializing in medical marijuana evaluations. They will assess your condition, discuss potential treatment strategies, and provide recommendations. Their guidance will help you make well-informed decisions about your healthcare, introducing you to the potential benefits of medical marijuana.

EZMedcard is a trusted provider of medical marijuana cards in Brooklyn, NY. Our easy-to-use online platform simplifies the application process, enabling you to apply comfortably from your home. After our certified doctors review and approve your application, you will receive your medical marijuana card by mail within 7-10 business days.

In New York, various medical conditions qualify for medical marijuana use. These include but are not limited to:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Neuropathy / Radiculopathy
  • Cancer
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Acute Pain Management
  • Dystonia
  • Autism
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Spinal Cord Injury With Spasticity
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Depression


During your evaluation, a certified physician will review your medical history and conditions to ascertain if medical marijuana could be a viable treatment option.

In New York, the question of whether medical marijuana is covered by insurance is currently under legislative review. A bill has been proposed in the 2023-2024 legislative session aiming to modify the state’s Public Health Law. This modification would categorize medical marijuana as a “prescription drug,” “covered drug,” or “health care service.” Should this bill pass, it could open the door for insurance programs, including Medicaid, Child Health Plus, EPIC, Essential Plan, and workers’ compensation, to cover medical marijuana. It is crucial to stay informed about the bill’s progress and seek advice from legal or healthcare professionals for the most recent updates.

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