Can you own a gun with medical marijuana in Mississippi?

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Due to the continued federal illegality of medical marijuana, individuals holding a cannabis license are prohibited from owning or buying firearms and ammunition, irrespective of their state’s legal stance on the matter.

In contrast, the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act ensures that medical marijuana patients can obtain and possess firearms without interference from state or local agencies. The act explicitly states that a registered qualifying patient or designated caregiver cannot be deprived of their firearm rights solely based on their status.

Federal law prohibits unauthorized controlled substance users, including marijuana, from possessing firearms or ammunition, as well as restricts firearm sales to individuals known or suspected to be unlawful drug users. All marijuana users are deemed unlawful under federal law.

In a 2011 ATF letter, the agency clarified that individuals attempting to purchase firearms should affirm marijuana use on Form 4473. Completion of this form is mandatory for purchasing from licensed dealers, and it emphasizes that state cannabis laws do not override federal regulations on marijuana possession.

For individuals with medical marijuana cards, law enforcement may access patient registry data per the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act. The act mandates a patient verification system enabling cannabis establishments to share registry details with law enforcement.


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