Governor Daniel Molloy approved a Senate measure to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in Connecticut in June 2012. In addition to 28 other States and Washington, DC, medical marijuana is now widely used in Connecticut.

According to the legislation, a patient who is approved to use medicinal marijuana cannot be prosecuted, punished in any way, or denied any rights or privileges if they want to use cannabis for health reasons.

Although it is allowed to consume medicinal marijuana, there are certain restrictions. Patients in Connecticut are only permitted a maximum of 2.5 ounces each month, unless a doctor orders otherwise. Patients must have a medical marijuana card in order to make purchases from a dispensary.

Many patients who are suffering from chronic, persistent, or crippling symptoms of numerous medical diseases find relief from medicinal cannabis, which enables them to live healthier lives. Connecticut became the 17th state to permit its citizens to use medicinal marijuana. Despite having a functioning program for medical marijuana patients and restrictions against its usage for recreational purposes, many locals are unsure of how to become patients.