How to Become a Caregiver

How to become a Mississippi Medical Marijuana Caregiver

  1. Patient must be registered and received his or hers medical card from the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program (MMCP)
  2. The person must complete and submit the caregiver form below and submit it:
    1. Caregiver Form
  3. Fill in and submit the affidavit below and submit it with your application
    1. Affidavit
  4. You will also need to have a fingerprint background check done by the MSDH. The background check includes the fingerprints. The background check is done by MMCP one your fingerprint card has been submitted along with the caregiver application and affidavit

Required Caregiver Documentation 

  1. Caregiver authorization form 
  2. Proof of residency (state ID) 
  3. Digital photo 
  4. Fingerprinting (Your local law enforcement agency should be able to assist you with fingerprinting. Use the code: MC4200015) 
    1. Can be mailed to: MSDH Fingerprint Unit, 143B Lefleur’s Square, Jackson, MS 39211 
    2. You can also drop it off in person (check on hours)
  5. Submit typed or written document stating your legal name and when you submitted or mailed your fingerprints to the MMCP on this date (enter the date of submission) 
  6.  Completed and notarized affidavit