Steps to Receive Your Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card

  • Pick your location and Provider

  • Pay for your appointment

  • Fill out our intake form. You will need to upload your ID + medical documentation showing your qualifying condition

  • Come to the scheduled location and meet with the medical provider

  • Make sure you have:

    • State ID or Drivers License (required)
    • Medical documentation from a physician who is treating you for a qualifying condition (required)
    • Medical Release form to provide to your physician (required)
    • Provider will certify the patient online through the MSDH portal should they be approved

After your appointment Instructions

  • You will create an account in the Mississippi Department of Health web portal and submit your application here:

  •  The fee for your medical marijuana card is $25 and will be paid to the state 

  • After you’ve submitted your application, the state will have only 10 days within submission to approve your medical marijuana card 
  • Your patient ID will be issued through the MSDH portal 
  • Patient prints out Patient ID card
  • Keep with you at all times
  • Your medical marijuana card will be valid for 6 months from when the state issues your card.