At EZMEDCARD, we specialize in providing fast and secure assistance to individuals looking to become registered medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma. We also offer our expertise in facilitating the renewal of medical marijuana licenses.

Our mission is to guide you through each stage of the process with efficiency and security, ensuring a smooth and informed journey. This includes connecting you with one of our knowledgeable physicians who will promptly evaluate your medical condition, provide comprehensive education, and offer step-by-step guidance through the secure application process with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA).

With a combined 15+ years of experience within the healthcare industry, our team at EZMEDCARD is committed to providing you with expert care quickly and securely. Whether you’re a new prospective medical marijuana patient or an existing one, we are here to ensure that you can access the benefits of medical marijuana in Oklahoma efficiently and with peace of mind.

EZMEDCARD Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide invaluable support to individuals enduring chronic and debilitating conditions. We do so by facilitating safe and convenient access to medical providers who certify medical marijuana patients and caregivers within state-regulated programs.

Our ultimate objective is to offer a cost-efficient, compliant, and entirely remote service that simplifies the patient certification and renewal process. Through our commitment to these principles, we strive to empower patients in their journey toward better health and improved quality of life.

Our Services

At EZMedCard, we provide the following services:

We coordinate telehealth appointments for initial evaluations and annual renewals for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) program.

We offer insights and information to educate you on the advantages of medical marijuana.

We supply educational materials regarding Oklahoma’s medical marijuana regulations.

We ensure you stay informed with the latest and most accurate details about Oklahoma’s licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Start Your Journey to a Better Quality of Life

We provide assistance in making the certification process easy and convenient. Let us help you become a registered medical marijuana patient.