The use of medical marijuana has been made legal in around 33 states in the USA. If you are a qualified patient, you can now access a wide range of medical cannabis products like edibles, topicals, marijuana flowers, and oils with the help of a medical marijuana card or MMJ card. However, to get your MMJ card, first, you need to consult with a professional and certified medical marijuana doctor. This is where you will face some difficulties. You will find a lot of options out there but remember that not all marijuana doctors are the same. But there is no need to worry as here we have covered all the important points that you need to consider to come up with an informed decision. Besides, we have also mentioned the process of getting your MMJ card. Let’s have a look.  

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Why Should One Consult with a Certified Marijuana Doctor? 

If you live in Oklahoma, Mississippi, West Virginia or Connecticut and want to use medical marijuana products, then you will have to visit a marijuana doctor first. It is compulsory to get a valid medical cannabis prescription or an MMJ card to buy such products from dispensaries across the state. Only a marijuana doctor can help you with that. They are the only persons who will grant your approval for an MMJ card. Getting a medical marijuana card is not that easy. You can only get it when a doctor enters your name in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. These doctors are state-licensed marijuana specialists and also valid members of the MMJ program.  

Are You Qualified to Consult a Medical Marijuana Doctor? 

Before you can start your search, it will be better for you to ensure that you have some qualifying conditions. These can cover various mental and physical conditions that can be treated using medical marijuana products. You can easily find many platforms online with detailed descriptions of such qualifying conditions. However, some common qualified conditions are multiple sclerosis, PTSD, glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s. If your routine medical checkup report shows any of these conditions, you should contact a marijuana doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will conduct a face-to-face examination and if he finds that you have qualifying conditions, your name will then be placed on the registry.  

Use Online Marijuana Doctors Locator Tools 

One of the most effective ways to find a certified marijuana doctor is by using online locator websites that store information about every doctor. These sites work as a directory for certified and registered medical marijuana specialists. You can also filter your search based on the state you are currently living in.  

Ensure Transparency 

The price structures will vary from one doctor to another. Ensure that your doctor is 100 percent transparent in the pricing. Besides, check carefully for any latent or hidden fees. Reliable and reputed doctors always maintain transparency.  

Don’t Forget to Check the Reviews 

Using a face marijuana card can attract legal issues. Many doctors are scamming people who wish to get an MMJ card online. So, ensure the authenticity of the doctor and you can check that by going through the online reviews given by their patients.  

What You Can Expect During Your Consultation? 

In general, the consultation process is not too complicated or long. The doctor will just ensure that you have the qualifying conditions and then he will permit you to use marijuana products. During the consultation, your marijuana doctor may ask you to submit your past medical records. The doctor can also offer you advice about the types of marijuana products you can use based on your symptoms.  

After Your Appointment 

If the doctor evaluates you as a qualified patient, then your name will be registered in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. After that, you can apply for an MMJ card. Your doctor will help you in submitting the online form. Once you are done with submitting the form after paying the required fees, you will get a confirmation message about the payment. After that, you may need to wait for around 10 to 20 days to get the approval for the card 

Closing Thoughts 

If you want to get a medical marijuana card to treat your health issues, then consulting a registered medical marijuana doctor is crucial. Well, after going through the information mentioned above, you may be able to make the right decision. However, if you still have some confusion, then don’t think much and visit EZMEDCARD now. We will help you find the best doctor near you who can offer remote consultations and will also guide you through the complex process of getting your MMJ card.  When you are with us, you will experience a safe and hassle-free way of obtaining a valid marijuana card online. Get in touch with us now to know how we can help you with this.  


How does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

Medical marijuana deals with chronic pain due to its relationship with the endocannabinoid system of ECS in our body. The ECS is a complex system with endocannabinoids, receptors and enzymes that modulate pain perception along with many other physiological processes. Cannabinoids in marijuana Caannabis interact with these receptors -- whereas endocannabinoids are made by the body, Phyto cannabinoids like THC and CBD in marijuana weed, Cannabis interacts with ECS receptors. CBD, however, acts on CB2 receptors, produces an analgesic effect that is 30-60 times stronger than aspirin and helps with inflammation as it is particularly adept at treating neuropathic pain and conditions like arthritis

How does medical marijuana treat chronic pain better than the usual pain medications?

Selecting medical marijuana over traditional pain medications provides many benefits such as:

  • Not Addictive: marijuana generally is a non-addiction substance, the opposite of opioids which are highly addictive and the potential to get addicted to other substances they seek to replace.
  • Less Side Effects: Patients experience less negative reactions and side effects with painkillers than traditional medications for pain. Moreover, there are next to no people who have an allergic reaction to cannabis.
  • Medical marijuana not just contain an intense pain relief but also improve the sleep sequence, mood elevating factors naturally resulting in enhancing life quality.

How do I get a medical marijuana card for chronic pain in Mississippi?

If you want to apply for the medical marijuana card in Mississippi, then follow these steps:

  • Contact a Licensed Physician: Find medical marijuana practitioners nearby in Meridian or Hattiesburg. Many physicians are located online for faster access.
  • Medical Check: The doctor will review your medical history to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the marijuana card on your consultation.
  • Application Process: Your physician will take the information from this visit and complete an acknowledgement; you will use the following instructions to complete the final application steps, to get your Mississippi Medical Marijuana Card. There are experienced doctors and more information available online to guide you through this process.

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